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This week

This week meant back to work for me after a two weeks break with Christmas and the New Year. My feelings were mixed and I was a bit unsure how to feel about things going back to normal. The little one going to the kindergarten and we back to work.
But before we had a great Sunday afternoon enjoying the hours as a family and with friends in a family-run cafe. I ate carrot cake – even more better than the one we had two weeks ago. This one was really delicate: walnuts and carrots in the smooth and doughy cake, cinnamon in the cream-cheese frosting! Marvellous.

Marvellous Carrot Cake

We also had a waffle and a brownie. All very scrumptious and definitely going to be repeated very soon.

Waffle and fruits

There were lots of children in the cafe, although it is not really a cafe for children. (Which is a bit sad, I think.)

As I already mentioned at the beginning, I always feel a bit unsure about going back to work after having holidays. But it felt good and right to be back. Nice colleagues and a warm welcome. Of course, things got more stressful as the week continued but that is life.


The photo at the top of this entry shows a little Granny Stripe Bag I did last December as a birthday present for a dear friend. As described here I started with a chain of 51 stitches and once I understood the pattern I experimented with the length of the chain at the beginning to alter the size of the bag. It was kind of a recycling project because my idea was to use scraps of yarn. It worked out quite well up to the point where I had to decide about the finish of the little bag. I wanted to add a zipper (and had even bought one) but than had to realize that sewing in a zipper needs a more the advanced level of sewing knowledge. So I just added a nice inside to the bag and postponed the zipper-problem.

Granny Bag inside

For now I am going to enjoy my weekend and I hope you do the same.