Saturday afternoon coffee


This afternoon we spent in a newly opened cafe for children almost just around the corner. Of course, we had coffee but also „a parent-only“ cappuccino brownie and a delicious carrot cake. Unfortunately the cake was in great demand by other little people at the table so that I could only enjoy parts, very small parts, of it.

The cafe was very busy. Just when we popped in a heap of people (tall and little) entered the cafe and its playing facilities. (It only got more empty when we decided to leave.) The little people had fun with the toys and the older ones had fun watching them and having a chat. It is good if you don’t need to worry about your child being too loud or too messy. And it’s even better that you don’t need to worry who is cleaning the dishes or the room after a couple of friends came along.

When finally leaving the cafe I saw this line of push chairs. I just had to take a photo of it. I didn’t actually count them, which I now regret, and the picture is not precise enough due to the bad light. Next time.

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