First find – a dreamcatcher

Writing a blog is not as easy as I thought it to be. You need inspiration, a plan and, of course, time. So far, I have to admit, I am used to be more of a reader. I follow different blogs, which I discovered during my year at home. You find them here. It is great pleasure to read them and to find new ideas. Some of the ideas I have already tried, lots of them are still on my to-do-list (waiting more or less patiently).

When thinking about this blog this morning an idea stroke me. There has to be a new category with all those ideas and inspirations and pictures in my blog. Making this decision came as easy as I found a name for it: „find/Fundstücke“. In there, I will show and link to nice projects I found on the internet. Hopefully, it is going to be like a treasure chest for me and you.

And here is my first find: A crochet Dreamcatcher!
I think it looks really beautiful and I adore these colours which fit perfectly together. Usually, I am not a fan of dreamcatchers. They are a little bit odd to me, because it is one example where culture is part of a „sell-out“. But in this case it just looks amazing and is a unique craftwork like a real dreamcatcher is too. I just love it.